ARCiPIXEL MEDIA exists to increase our clients success by making their job easier with brilliant products.

Whilst specialising in architectural photography and floor plans, our strategic partnership with iMAGECLOUD gives us access to industry leading experts.

“At iMAGECLOUD, we believe in the power of innovation. We believe that success is not only the result of working harder, but also working smarter. We believe that the best marketing campaigns are greater than the sum of their parts.

That’s why our innovative marketing platform draws together every piece of the marketing puzzle to deliver complete solutions from capture to multi-channel distribution.

Whether your campaign focuses on print, digital or broadcast – or all three – iMAGECLOUD puts the vital tools of product marketing at your fingertips on a single propriety platform that focuses the talents of industry-leading photographers, designers, writers and video marketers on your project with a click of your mouse.” 

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For total print solutions ARCiPIXEL through iMAGECLOUD has teamed up with Digital Central.

"Digital Central Australia is a large format digital printing sign company with particular focus in Real Estate and Property Development Market.  We deliver the most modern and innovative designed signs available for this market in Australia. 

Whatever your marketing strategy, we have it covered. From Photo Shoot to finished cards, brochures, fliers or signboards it can all be achieved on time and within budget. 
There are a variety of size signs that come in flat and curved, portrait and landscape layouts to suit a variety of properties, all signs are installed, maintained and removed by Digital Central, enabling agents to concentrate on selling the property. 
Our next day installation service has simplified the process of successfully marketing your customers property."